Frequently Asked Questions

Check below for our most commonly asked questions.Both technical and lol赛事中心gossip-related so please have a read and if you don't find the answer you're looking for,shoot us a notehere.

- Why don't you update your blog on weekends?
- Why didn't you write about X?
- Who are Sasha and Duana and why do I need to read other people's posts?
- What is a blind riddle?How do I find the answers?
- Why don't you allow comments on your site?
- You used to have an App in the App store?What happened to it?
- Where is the Bringhub Celebrity Storefront?I'm not seeing it anymore.
- There are too many ads on your site!
- I heard you have a book out.Where can I find it?
- Are you recommending a product to me because you like it,or are you selling me something?
- The EU just introduced new privacy regulations (GDPR).What steps have you taken to comply?
- Why are you using Taboola and how is it different from PubExchange?

  • Q: Why don't you update your blog on weekends?

    I post in real time Monday to Friday,averaging between 2,500 - 4,000 words perday.As such,on weekends,my bitch needs a break!

  • Q: Why didn't you write about X?Why didn't you offer any comments on Y?Why no coverageon what happened to Z?

    You have a line,I have a line.As ludicrous as it may sound coming from a dirtylol赛事中心gossip - for me,there is fun smut and there is not so fun smut.Fun smut is hopingfor Lindsay Lohan to go to prison and calling Kevin Federline Jr.a golddigging douche.Not fun smut is death,suicide,overdose,murder allegations,scrapping over DNA,and alleged child molestation.I report on what I'd want to read and call me Cruisebut I couldn't give a sh-t about the baby daddy battle,you know what I mean?

  • Q: I come to 1zplaylol赛事中心LaineyGossip to read Lainey.Who are Sasha and Duana and why do Ineed to read other people's posts?

    我总是说八卦是自助餐。lol赛事中心You don't have to believe everything you read,and you don't have to readeverything you see.We mark our articles very clearly on the main site,and at the bottom of each piece on themobile site.You can decide what you want to read.A lot of people have taken to Sarah,Sasha,Duana,Maria,Hayley,and Dean because while their opinions may differ,they too dig a little deeper and maintain the standard that we haveset for lol赛事中心Gossip content on 1zplayLaineyGossip.We hope you like it and if you don't,skip past it.And if you want tolearn more about our writers,click here to see theirbios.

  • Q: What is a blind riddle?How do I find the answers?

    lol赛事中心Gossip columnists use blind items to report scandalous,dirty smut without the threatof a lawsuit.My riddles contain clues pointing to the celebrity in question andfollow up clues are usually embedded elsewhere in subsequent columns which meansyou have to read every word.As irritating as that is though,once you find theembedded detail,it pretty much gives away the answer.Unfortunately,I am not ableto answer guesses via email.Please forgive...would be happy to spill in person!

  • Q: Why don't you allow comments on your site?

    We've debated this for quite some time and have always landed on the same answer,and that is that if you provide aforum for people to leave comments on a website page,the discussion inevitably deteriorates to levels no one wantsto see.But if you just HAVE to share your thoughts,shoot me an email (I DO read every one even though I maynot respond) or tweet me.

  • Q: You used to have an App in the App store?What happened to it and are you bringing it back?

    We ran a test app for a period of about a year with a vendor we no longer work with.Building and maintaining apps isvery cost prohibitive and we found that upgrading our mobile site (as we did in April 2013) provided most if not all ofthe features that our app previously offered.The new mobile site is responsive to touch,features swipeable photos,updates new content quickly,and uses the same URL's as the main site so sharing links is easy.So basically we don't see much reason to build an app at the moment.

  • Q: Where is the Bringhub Celebrity Storefront?I'm not seeing it anymore.

    Unfortunately Bringhub decided to stop updating the Celebrity Lifestyle Storefront as of September 13th,2016.We enjoyedoffering you a look at what various lol比赛视频2019celebrities were/are wearing and thought it was a great shopping tool,and appreciateyou visiting the storefront when it was available.If you have any questions about products youpurchased through the application please visitBringhubor the individualvendors from whom you purchased the products directly.If you have any difficulties with your experience andwish to contact us,please do so via the contact forms availablehere.

  • Q: There are too many ads on your site!They suck!Especially the floating pop ups -can you get rid of them?

    There is no fee to visit the site.As mentioned before we produce an average of 2,500 - 4,000 words a day and this has becomea full time job for us,and very time consuming for our other writers.It's also "wewy expensive",as my mother would say,tolicense photos,particularly as many as we display.So selling ad space allows us to continue serving smut.

    Web advertising is growing and so is the competition for sites to attract premium advertisers.Advertisers look for sites thatare (among other things) flexible with the types of ads they serve and those that offer creative alternatives to get an advertising message out to readers.At times this may include the use of pop ups,expanding ads,or branded content thatis integrated into a story.

    Having said that we do take steps to ensure your reading experience is not compromised,including using frequency capsduring screen pop up campaigns (if your cookies are enabled,the pop ups should only appear twice a day) or rejectingoverly intrusive ad creatives.We also try to stay as transparent as possible about sponsored messaging by marking thearticles with "Sponsored" or "Advertisement" when applicable,in contrast with our making straight-up recommendationsbecause we like certain products.

    I apologise if this is an inconvenience,I can't tell you how much I appreciateyour support,how much I value your visits to the site,and I hope that the lol赛事中心gossipyou get here outweighs the irritation,if any.

  • Q: I heard you have a book out.Where can I find it?

    The book was published inCanadaon April 1 by Random House of Canada and is availablefor via Amazon,Chapters-Indigo, McNally Robinson,and Random House of Canadaviathislink.

    It was published in theUnited Stateson April 22nd by Amy Einhorn Books,an imprint ofPenguin Random House.It is available now atAmazonandatBarnes & Noble.

  • Q: How do I know if you're recommending a product to me because you like it,or if you're just trying tosell me something without my knowing about it?

    There are several ways we try to monetize the site.Banners and advertorials are the key way and perhaps the mosttransparent of them all,but ads aren't the only way we cover our costs and we've started dabbling in other means ofgenerating revenue.But rest assured whatever we do,we aim to be as transparent as possible so you don't feel tricked.

    Beyond banners,we used Affiliate Linking from our "Sasha Finds" features until Q2 of 2015.If you view our archives and find these articles,andhappen to purchase an item we linked to through one of these article we will recieve a commission on the referral.However,Sasha prepared her "Sasha Finds"articles totally organically and we only set up affiliate links to a product she had recommended if we happen to have had anaffiliate relationship with that retailer.This does NOT apply to any "Sasha's INTO IT" articles,which are never paid or commission-based.This is trueof "Sasha Finds" articles from January 2016 onwards,as these are now simiply recommendations she had made,and we do not monetize these articles.Sasha does occasionallyreceive samples of the product she is recommending prior to writing the article.

    As mentioned above,we have also partnered with Bringhub to bring you a celebrity style shopping experience,and if you happen to buy a productfrom within the Bringhub cart hosted on 1zplaylol赛事中心LaineyGossip,we do make a commission on that transaction.

    Lastly,we have partnered with Taboola and added their content recommendation widget on the desktop/tablet site.These are markedwith "Sponsored Links" and appear in a film strip format below our articles.These companiesuse cookies on your browser (if you allow them) to analyze your viewing habits,and recommend articles that their systems think you might beinterested in based on what you've looked at before,the article you're reading now,and other technical factors.

  • Q:The EU just introduced new privacy regulations (GDPR).What steps have you taken to comply?

    We have recently updated Privacy controls in the EU to give you more control over how your data is used when you visit our site.We have also updated our globalPrivacyandCookie Policyto give all readers,both inside and outside the EU,a betterunderstanding of their options,our use of data on 1zplaylol赛事中心,和增强的浏览隐私的退出选项。Please clickhereandherefor more information.

  • Q:Why are you using Taboola and how is it different from PubExchange?

    The decision to partner with Taboola was not an easy one as we have found in the past that such content recommendation companies drive clicks to low quality click bait sites and mislead readers into clicking on articles for profit.Taboola has made a commitment to improving the reader experience by cracking down on fake,misleading,or mysoginistic links and we're going to hold them to account to deliver.With the current climate around privacy in digital advertising,the use of ad blockers,and other market forces that have made traditional banner advertising more difficult to effectively monetize in recent years,we are seeking a new revenue stream with this partnership that we hope our readers find useful.If you do find any content that is offensive or inappropriate in these links we enourage you to report it using the icon in the bottom corner of the units.

    PubExchange is not a monetization tool.We use Pubexchange to track outbound links as well as to manage some of our publisher partner relationships.Unlike the Taboola widget,clicks on the Pubexchange module do not generate revenue.