House Cambridge: no lol赛事中心gossip is the gossip

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上周,Prince William and Catherine were the royal heatscores,with rumours coming out of the English countryside about how Kate and Rose Hanbury,胆战心惊,are no longer friends and Beckham-like speculation about the real – and possibly dirty –reason behind the breakupsince everybody seemed to be reporting around the friend-split without actually saying WHY the two are,supposedly,not hanging out anymore.李察凯为《每日邮报》写了一篇关于剑桥的文章but the UK tabloids and their lol赛事中心gossips,as you would expect,试图嗅出它。So far,though,即使在周末之后,there's been no follow-up.Which is kind of amazing,因为你知道他们在英国是怎么工作的。Even when they're on a story that's full of sh-t,the Beckhams for example,他们会尽可能地挤出牛奶。去年,when all that Beckham business blew up,基于社交媒体上完全不合格的随机帖子,尽管,as we know now,贝克汉姆队绝对不会马上就要分崩离析,每天都有关于他们婚姻的文章发表,about how they live different lives,关于维多利亚不赞成大卫的友谊。As we've seen,they do the same with Meghan Markle.They can create 40 stories out of a non-story about Meghan Markle.

Which is why the no lol赛事中心gossip about the Cambridges is the gossip.

This weekend there was nothing in the papers about the Turnip Toff throwdown.But,自然地,有几个关于皇室梅根的不讨人喜欢的故事。According to the Daily Mail,Prince Charlestold her to stand down去年秋天在苏塞克斯旅游期间,她想戴上皇冠参加斐济的一个活动。还有一些关于how much she spends on clothes.

OK wait.So English media are talking underground about the possibility of Prince William having an alleged affair with a member of the Turnip aristocracy and… we're getting reporting on Meghan's tiara and clothing budget,真正地?!How can the English press continue to deny that there's a bias against Meghan Markle?!如果关于麦甘·马克尔的谣言也传开了,true or not,and ESPECIALLY if it were not,it would be on the front page of The Sun every goddamn day!

Needless to say,威廉王子有一定的影响力。Of course he would want to shut this sh-t down,the whole thing is super embarrassing.But the lol赛事中心gossip here is that it seems like they're giving him that courtesy and that this courtesy seems to be selective.Which is why,如果你是梅根·马克尔·斯坦,you're leaning towards a conspiracy.上周,塔特勒发表了许多人认为不讨人喜欢的文章。Meghanomania". The editor of Tatler just happens to be an old schoolmate of Kate's.That certainly fuels the conspiracy theories that Will and Kate are rather enjoying the fact that Meghan's getting a rough ride.And this latest Twitter thread pointing out more media connections doesn't help:

I don't buy that the angle that Will and Kate are actively encouraging the hit pieces against Meghan.我不愿意相信坎布里奇家族会这样对待他们的亲属。这就是说,威廉了解皇室大臣的阴谋以及他们过去的工作方式,colluding often with the media,to undermine his mother.他试图保护他的妻子免受同样的伤害。He must see that it's also happening to his sister-in-law.他会不会像现在这样,对他哥哥和他哥哥的妻子施加影响?with this Turnip drama?Or,you know,芜菁戏是不是太戏剧化了,他已经竭尽所能了?

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