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Sarah is a film critic and entertainment writer.She is a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association and can also be found writingatCinesnark.comand@Cinesnark.She didn't choose the skux life,the skux life chose her.

John Cho is a space bounty hunter

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 5,2019 18:31:09 April 5,2019 18:31:09
Dia Dipasupil/ Getty Images

Yesterday the internet exploded when it was announced that John Cho will star in Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bebop remake,as the space bounty hunter Spike Spiegel.1zplayLainey emailed me about it,and I think I disappointed her when I said I'm not into Cowboy Bebop.It's one piece of nerdery I just never got into.Full Story

Octavia Spencer's horror moment

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 4,2019 18:04:30 April 4,2019 18:04:30
Gabe Ginsberg/ Valerie Macon/ Getty Images

It's an unspoken rule of entertainment that the horror genre can deliver great roles to actresses in a way traditional dramatic often doesn't.Consider Toni Collette in Hereditary,or Lupita Nyong'o in Us,or Jamie Lee Curtis's resurgence thanks to Halloween—horror often comes through when mainstream drama doesn't.Full Story

Gwendoline Christie is our Moth Queen

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 4,2019 15:53:25 April 4,2019 15:53:25
Wenn,Dimitrios Kambouris/ Jeff Kravitz/ Angela Weiss/ Taylor Hill/ Getty Images

Here is Gwendoline Christie at the Game of Thrones final season premiere,looking like a radiant moth.A basic might say butterfly,but moths have a dramatic Goth edge that butterflies don't,and Gwendoline Christie is all about the drama in this dress (it's by Iris Van Herpen).Look at her,fluttering her dress up and down the red carpet with flare and dash.Full Story

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Game of Thrones,two weeks out

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 2,2019 19:08:55 April 2,2019 19:08:55

Just in case you thought April was all about the Avengers,Game of Thrones is here to remind you that April is ALSO all about Westeros.(Is this the busiest pop culture spring ever?) New teasers just dropped,with some new footage and some recycled,and a lot to talk about.Chiefly,ARYA AND JON IN THE GODWOOD.Full Story

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We're in the Endgame now

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 2,2019 16:18:42 April 2,2019 16:18:42

It's official,Avengers: Endgame mania has begun.The movie comes out in three weeks,it's the final go-round for the original team,this is going to be Marvel hype par excellence.The first Avengers tour in 2012 was fun,remember how fun it was?(Prem is probably like,"I wasn't even born yet!") But in the years since then,we've gotten used to this.Full Story

Adam Driver saying "Ghouls"

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 1,2019 19:12:54 April 1,2019 19:12:54
YouTube/ Focus Features

Up until this very moment,pop culture has had only one ghoul expert,and that is Charlie Kelly,who knowsa ghoulon sight. Now,however,Charlie Kelly is joined by Adam Driver in Jim Jarmusch's new zombie movie,as he correctly identifies ghouls and,incidentally,creates a new sexuality.Full Story

Dumbo is thinly veiled anti-corporate propaganda

Sarah Posted bySarah at April 1,2019 17:49:55 April 1,2019 17:49:55

The thing about Dumbo is that it is completely mediocre and the latest evidence in the case against Disney's blatant cash grabs via these live-action remakes of their classic cartoons,but it is also thinly veiled anti-corporate propaganda.It feels like someone in Disney oversight command fell asleep at the wheel and didn't notice the anti-merger,anti-conglomerate attitude espoused by the movie (or maybe Disney is so powerful they feel like a cheeky internal take-down won't have any real impact,which it won't).Full Story